Innovative financing and development
of essential infrastructure

We support economic development and improve living standards in Africa

We work with our partners to deliver the most suitable financing solutions to our clients

Our involvement in projects extends beyond traditional boundaries

SAS Global Financing Solutions

We are committed to excellence in developing Africa's infrastructure and promoting regional integration. We solve the needs and requirements of the contractors, the lenders and the governments by delivering best in class services in financing and project advisory.

We are also committed to Social Responsibility and Sustainability: We contribute to social and economic developments across Africa, increasing development within local economies while protecting and contributing to environmental sustainability.

Best Financial Solutions

We advise our clients and the project developers and put for them the most suitable funding solutions and work on project delivery from inception to full completion.

Our Services

Our established relationships and experience with commercial and development banks and Export Credit Agencies allow us to apprehend each project and structure the most favorable financing solution.

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Project Development

Bid Stage Advisory
Contractual Framework Design
Permitting Process Review

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Financial Modeling
Market Read
Bank Due Dilingence & Credit Approval

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Support Throughout Documentation
Derivatives Princing Benchmark
Deal Monitoring

Our involvement in projects extends beyond traditional boundaries, and we coordinate the workstreams between our clients, the contractors and the lenders and deliver the best financing solutions.

"We improve the sustainability of communities in Africa​ through innovative ​financing and development of essential infrastructure​"

Knowledge and Capabilities

We have a deep understanding of the political and regulatory environment of our target market and the ability to mitigate and manage the risks for our partners.

Transparent Partner Relations

We maintain equitable partnerships and balanced stakeholder relationships, which we believe are crucial to delivering long term, sustainable solutions.

Comprehensive Financing Solutions

We offer customized financing solutions for each infrastructure project.

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