We assist borrowers & contractors in structuring transactions and preparing and presenting business plans, feasibility studies and applications packages to commercial banks, export credit agencies, and multilateral organizations. We assess all possible sources of financing which may be available when recommending a financing strategy - be it in the form of syndicated bank deals, capital markets solutions, or agency/ECA-backed-financings.

We are experts in devising innovative financing structures to meet the requirements of clients, projects and lenders. Some of the industries for which we provide funding package include power, water, agriculture, transportation, health and housing.

Experienced Professionals

Our team comprises former project finance bankers and experienced infrastructure professionals with a deep understanding of the challenges related to raising limited recourse project financing in the sectors and markets in which we are active.

Knowledge and Capabilities

We have a deep understanding of the political and regulatory environment of our target market and the ability to mitigate and manage the risks for our partners.

Transparent Partner Relations

We maintain equitable partnerships and balanced stakeholder relationships, which we believe are crucial to delivering long term, sustainable solutions.

Comprehensive Financing Solutions

We offer customized financing solutions for each infrastructure project.

"We improve the sustainability of communities in Africa​ through innovative ​financing and development of essential infrastructure​"

We get involved at the earliest stages of project development or at bid stage to support our clients during the negotiation of the projects’ contractual frameworks to ensure that the proposed commercial arrangements are conducive to implementing an optimal financing package in the context of a limited recourse financing strategy.

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